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University School records


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Grade Books

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University School Yearbooks- The Tower and The Mummy Case

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University School records, 1904-2018 | Southern Illinois University Special Collections Research Center

By Matthew Borowicz

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Collection Overview

Title: University School records, 1904-2018Add to your cart.

Predominant Dates:1917-1968

ID: 3/RG 16/RG 16-19

Primary Creator: Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. University School.

Extent: 33.0 Cubic Feet

Arrangement: Organized into eight series:  (1) Grade books, (2) Diplomas and Certificates, (3) Ledger and School Accounting books, (4) Yearbooks, (5) Administrative, (6) Teach Daily Register,  (7) General historical files and Reunion Materials, and (8) Photographs.

Subjects: Education - Study and teaching (Graduate), Southern Illinois State Normal University, Teachers - Training of - United States - History

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The collection consists of the records for the University High School from 1917 to 1969.  The papers include grade books, diplomas, accounting records, yearbooks, administrative files, daily registers and latern slides.  These records document those who attended the school, their academic achievements, attendance, as well as the financial reporting of the school itself.  One folder contains information about the proposed "Teacher Training School There is little information about school activities, except for the yearbooks and a few photographs.  There are no student newspapers.

Biographical Note

On February 26, 1874, a model school department was created by the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois Normal University (SINU) to provide practice teaching experience in elementary curriculum and in high school preparation.  The Model School consisted of two departments, the Normal Department and the Preparatory School, with no separate High School.  Julia Mason was head of the Model School from September 6, 1874 until 1876.  After her resignation in 1876, the Model School was discontinued until 1882, when it was reestablished under Professor John Hull.  Professor John Hull served as Board of Trustees superintendent of teacher training and professor of higher mathematics.

By 1890, the training school staff had expanded to include a principal of primary grades and a principal of the intermediate and high schools, Board of Trustees assistants to the superintendent.  A High School was established separately of the Normal School.  Miss Ann C. Anderson was the first primary principal, and George W. Smith became the first principal of the high school.

In 1892, under President Hull, W.F. Rocheleau became superintendent of the training school.  James Kirk succeeded him as superintendent in 1894.  In 1909, the training school was moved into its own building, the Allyn Building, and became known as the Allyn Training School.  The University School has been known at various times as the Model School, the Practice School, the Training School, the Laboratory School and University School.

The University School's modern history began in 1950, as a laboratory school from kindergarten to high school, replacing the previous laboratory school.  John C. Mees was the first principal.  In 1967 the four-year high school was discontinued, and  in 1971 the grade school ceased operating.

Subject/Index Terms

Education - Study and teaching (Graduate)
Southern Illinois State Normal University
Teachers - Training of - United States - History

Administrative Information

Repository: Southern Illinois University Special Collections Research Center

Access Restrictions: Unrestricted access.

Use Restrictions: To quote in print, or otherwise reproduce in whole or in part in any publication, including on the World Wide Web, any material from this collection, the researcher must obtain permission from (1) the owner of the physical property and (2) the holder of the copyright.  Persons wishing to quote from this collection should consult Special Collections Research Center to determine copyright holders for information in this collection.  Reproduction of any item must contain the complete citation to the original.

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Box 1: Pulliam Hall-Teacher's Training School planning correspondence (Work Projects Administration proposal)

Preferred Citation: [Item], University School Records, Special Collections Research Center, Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: Grade Books, 1917-1968],
[Series 2: Diplomas and Certificates, 1947-1965],
[Series 3: Ledger and School Accounting books, 1925-1968],
[Series 4: University School Yearbooks- The Tower and The Mummy Case, 1940-1968],
[Series 5: University School-Administrative, Accounting, and Student Records, 1925-1968],
[Series 6: Teaching Records- Daily Register, 1937-1967],
[Series 7: Historical Files, Alumni and Reunion Materials, 1904-1905, 1925, 1940-1969, 1993, 1998, 2003, 2013, 2017-2018],
[Series 8: Photographs, 1939-1948],

Series 8: Photographs, 1939-1948Add to your cart.
Reprints from lantern slides.  Includes activities, athletics, classroom, and instructional activities.  Index of images with reprints.  Boxes 32-33 contain lantern slides.
Box 31Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Lantern Slide Prints - IndexAdd to your cart.
Folder 2: Lantern Slide Prints - Activity PicturesAdd to your cart.

1. Student group at table with Hal Hall Principal

K. Medley, M. Lane, P. Potts, T.M. Burton, H. Hall, C.C. Logan, R. Bateman?, B. Metten

2. Students standing with faculty on steps of Allyn Building

E. Rieke, M. Renfro or Vivian Parsons, P. Pemberton, H. Turner, F. Wells, K. Medley, J. Ellis, J. Spear

3. Typing on the stage of Shyrock Auditorium

L. Hughes

4. Student? projectionist

R. Reeves

5. Dance on Southern Illinois Normal University Campus

G. Haenny, V. Parsons

6. Group of girls standing outside Allyn Building with Hal Hall, Principal

J.Widdows, J.Turner, H. Hall, Golda?,J.Crawford, M. Chapman, G. Edmonds

7. Seated group on front lawn of Schroeder home

Collard?, J. Schroder, H. Stumpf

8. Four students seated at table on Shryock Auditorium stage

H. Rich?

9. Group posed in front of bus for class trip

A. Easterly, W. Eads, J. Widdows, M. Ross, J. Ritchey, J. Morris, S. Morris, H. Hall, M. Rushing, R. Allen, J. Ellis, C. Hall, A.M. Schroeder, J.A. Crawford, D. Loveall, P. Pemberton, B. Brunty, H. Turner, K. Medley, C. Hamilton, S. Hall.

10. Stern wheeler boat at St. Louis, Mo.

11. Group on riverboat in St. Louis Class of 4O

M. Rushing?, V. Parsons, V. Witcher, G. Cluts, M. Collard?,J. Ritchey, S. Hall, D. Loveall, H.

Turner, P. Pemberton, B. Brunty, M. Renfro,T. Burford,A. Easterly, F. Eatherton, B.

Metter, H. Halterman, J. Schroeder, S. Morris, J. Morris, J. Ellis

12. Dance on boat trip to St. Louis, Mo.

Folder 3: Lantern Slide Prints - Activity PicturesAdd to your cart.

13. Band seated in Little Theatre in Altgeld Hall

M. Borger, L. Lautz, C. Morris, L.L. Burger, M.M. Lewis, A. Baynare, J. Turner, H. Barnes, J. Morris, C. Ross, V. Bloodworth, L.A. Hilton

14. Band seated (mix of grade and high school students)

P. Patterson, J. Hawkins, R.Gum, C. Hall, H. L. Johnson, R. Hall, A. Easterly, W. Day, J. Ellis, R. Reynolds, Friedline, C. Robertson, D. McIntosh

15. University High School Band, standing in uniform

H. E. Miles, Mitchell, B.J.Claunch or A. Frank, R.Claunch, G. Ragland, C. Patterson, J. Ellis, D. Robertson, D. McIntosh, P. Cecil, L. L. Burger, H. L. Johnson

16. Band members individual photos

W. Day, A. Franks

17. Band members individual photos

R. Claunch, L.L. Burger

18. Roman Banquet with students in togas

M. E. Potts,C. Morris, E. Rieke, P.Creager?, E. Logan, P. Dallman, R.Gum or J. Hawkins, C. Norris, V. Robertson

19. Foreign language students in togas

C. Norris?,J. Hawkins, L.L. Burger?, B. Metten, M. Miles, M. Collard, S. Morris, S. Hall

20. Photography students


21. School Play #1

V. Parsons, W. Eads, P. Allen, K. Medley, J. Ellis

22. School Play #2

No identification

23. School Play #3

J. Turner, M. Arnold, J. Ellis?, A. Helton, J. Roller, B. Gum, H. Rushing?, H. Cox, D. Loveall

Folder 4: Lantern Slide Prints - Athletics, ClassroomAdd to your cart.

Athletic Pictures

24. 1939 Basketball Team

H. Halterman, D. Dillow, H. Turner, C. Ross, G. Haenny, J. Schroeder, J. P. Reynolds, R. McCright, H. Barnes, T. Anderson

25. Basketball game - Jumping center - Altgeld Hall Gym

H. Barnes, H. Halterman, J. P. Reynolds

26. Trackmen (3) resting on lawn

C. J. Anderson, G. Haenny, H. Turner

27. University High School relay team with coaches

D.Hill, G. Haenny, M. Morgan, C. J. Anderson, T. North, H. Hall

28. 1939 University High School baseball team with coaches

F. Roach, H. Halterman, B. Metten, D. Dillow, S. Morris, R. Etherton, G. Haenny, J. Morris, H. Hall, T. North, E. Logan, C. J. Anderson, C. Waeckerle, H. Barnes, J. Jones, H. Turner, T. Edwards, D. Hill


29. Mr. Charles Patterson - Boy with head in hand

C. Patterson, E. Mansfield, R. Holliway, F. Riley, V. Witcher, E. Widdows, J. Jones?, E. Mansfield, R. Reynolds, R. Reeves

30. Physics class - Parkinson?

A. Robison, K. Sanders, J. Schroder

31. Mural painting

No identification made

32. Math class

R. Waddinqton?, J. Turner?, G. Quindry?, B. Metten, H. Cox?, H. Schroeder, L Hillton?, S. Hall?, M. Collard

33. Classroom scene with poster demonstration

No identification

34. Classroom with projection demonstration

K. Easterly, R. Reeves, T. Anderson, H. Catt

35. Chemistry class

P. Potts, H. Easterly, C.C. Logan, H. Turner, R. Hamilton?, K. Medley?, S. Morris, R. Allen,

B. Edmonds, W. Eads, M. Calvin?

36. Geometry class

No identification

37. Classroom -- students with backs to camera

No identification

Folder 5: Lantern Slide Prints - Classroom, Instructional ActivitiesAdd to your cart.

38. Shop class in workshop

D. Loveall, H. Cox, J. H. Schroeder, D. Goforth, L. A. Hilton?, 0. Press?

Instructional Activities

39. Professor John Allen showing skin to students

J. A. Crawford, J. Allen, B. Brunty, R. Burgess, A. Barnard, J. Turner

40. Students digging

H. Benton, W. Mitten or R. Remberton, A. Robison, R. Davidson, D. Dillow, G. Haenny

41. Shop students outside on steps of Allyn Building

B. Furtrell, W. Runion, J. Schroeder, J. McKissie, R. Holloway, D. Loveall, R. Klien, H. Cox, H. Hagler, J. H. Schroeder, T. Anderson, D. Goforth


42. Large group outside Shyrock Auditorium

R. Downey, A.J. Nerone, D. Hill, H. Hall, J.C. Davis, M.A.Gibbons, F.Wells, E. Rieke, R. McCright, T. North, C. Patterson, C. Strusz, C. Logan, V. Bubolty

43. Double Picture

Right side a group of students with instructor

M. Rushing, R. Allen, J. C. Davis, R. Pulliam, G. Penninger, S. Hall, R.Gum

Left side single picture of Bob Allen

44. Honors Ceremony

F. Wells, J. Wright?, S. Hall?

45. People sleeping on a boat - not a University School picture

Folder 6: Brownie Scout Troop, 1947-1948Add to your cart.
Pictured are kneeling in front: Frankie Hart, Dede Lingle, Mary Margaret Hagler, Wanda Lou Sill.  Standing: Linda Forsyth, Patsy Widdows, Mary Ann Rushing, Linda Crandle, Frances Schoen, Lucy Brown, Susan Taylor.  Back: name unknown.  Includes 3 pictures of unidentified high school students outside of the University School (Pulliam Hall).
Folder 7: Unidentified Photographs, circa 1939Add to your cart.
Box 32Add to your cart.
Box 33Add to your cart.

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[Series 1: Grade Books, 1917-1968],
[Series 2: Diplomas and Certificates, 1947-1965],
[Series 3: Ledger and School Accounting books, 1925-1968],
[Series 4: University School Yearbooks- The Tower and The Mummy Case, 1940-1968],
[Series 5: University School-Administrative, Accounting, and Student Records, 1925-1968],
[Series 6: Teaching Records- Daily Register, 1937-1967],
[Series 7: Historical Files, Alumni and Reunion Materials, 1904-1905, 1925, 1940-1969, 1993, 1998, 2003, 2013, 2017-2018],
[Series 8: Photographs, 1939-1948],

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