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John Dewey papers


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John Dewey papers, 1858-1970 | Southern Illinois University Special Collections Research Center

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Collection Overview

Title: John Dewey papers, 1858-1970Add to your cart.

ID: 1/2/MSS 102

Primary Creator: Dewey, John (1859-1952)

Extent: 73.0 Boxes

Arrangement: The collection is arranged into ten series: (1) Correspondence, (2) Manuscripts and Lecture Notes, (3) Financial Records, (4) Tapes, Films, and Compact Discs, (5) Published Material, (6) Memorabilia, Notes, Art, and Personal Effects, (7) Poetry, John Dewey, (8) Archivist Notecard Indexes, (9) Roberta Dewey Materials, and (10) Archibald Sprague Dewey's Shop Ledgers.

Subjects: Barnes, Albert., Bentley, Arthur Fisher, 1870-1957., Chicago (Ill.), China, Chipman, Alice Shaw, 1832-1921., Dewey, John, 1859-1952, Hook, Sidney, 1902-1989, Japan, Kagawa, Toyohiko, 1888-1960, Trotsky, Leon, 1879-1940., University of Chicago

Forms of Material: Artifacts., Audiocassettes, Clippings (information artifacts), Correspondence., Dewey, John, 1859-1952 - Correspondence, Ledgers (account books), Manuscripts for publication., Records (documents), Sound recordings, Speeches, addresses, etc., Writings.

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The John Dewey papers date from 1858 to 1970 and consist of correspondence, financial records, recordings, and published and unpublished writings including original manuscripts which are published in The Poems of John Dewey. The majority of the correspondence is familial, including letters between Dewey and Alice Chipman before their marriage.  Other personal letters include those Dewey wrote Roberta Dewey from Mexico in 1937, telling of the Trotsky hearings by the Preliminary Commission of Inquiry. Correspondence dating after Dewey's death (1952) is primarily Roberta Dewey's while she was acting as an executrix of Dewey's estate. 

There is also a large portion of professional correspondence including several letters of administrative nature from Dewey's University of Chicago days, correspondence between Dewey and Arthur F. Bentley, and letters concerning the work of Adelbert Ames in Hanover, New Hampshire.  Other miscellaneous, significant material includes:  Abstract of paper of Dewey's "Essays in Experimental Logic"; Schedules of lectures and readings; The Ethical Theory of John Dewey; names of members of the National Committee to Honor John Dewey; and the death certificate of John Dewey.

The recordings in this collection consist of tapes of family conversations, interviews with Dewey, reminiscences of Dewey and some of his lectures as well as films of family trips in the United States and abroad, recordings of Dewey's telephone conversations, and interviews with Dewey at the University of Pittsburgh (1949).

Writings by Dewey, Albert Barnes, Arthur F. Bentley, Sidney Hook, and Toyohiko Kagawa are also in this collection as well as a number of personal artifacts including Dewey's academic regalia, miscellaneous artwork, and Underwood typewriter.

Biographical Note

John Dewey was born on October 20, 1859 in Burlington, Vermont and graduated in 1879 from The University of Vermont. Although he taught and remained primarily at Columbia University, he also taught or lectured at the University of Chicago, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, University of California, Imperial University in Tokyo, National University in Peking, and the University of Mexico. He retired from active service, and was appointed as Professor Emeritus of Philosophy in Residence at Columbia University in 1930. He also worked for the Turkish government and as an educational ad visor for the Barnes Foundation, served as chairman of the Committee for the Defense of Leon Trotsky and was elected president of the League for Industrial Democracy.

In 1935 the John Dewey Society was formed by a group of professional educators in New York City. Their mission was to promote the study of education and culture. John Dewey died in New York City on June 1st, 1952.

Subject/Index Terms

Barnes, Albert.
Bentley, Arthur Fisher, 1870-1957.
Chicago (Ill.)
Chipman, Alice Shaw, 1832-1921.
Dewey, John, 1859-1952
Hook, Sidney, 1902-1989
Kagawa, Toyohiko, 1888-1960
Trotsky, Leon, 1879-1940.
University of Chicago

Administrative Information

Repository: Southern Illinois University Special Collections Research Center

Access Restrictions: Unrestricted access.

Use Restrictions: To quote in print, or otherwise reproduce in whole or in part in any publication, including on the World Wide Web, any material from this collection, the researcher must obtain permission from (1) the owner of the physical property and (2) the holder of the copyright. Persons wishing to quote from this collection should consult Special Collections Research Center to determine copyright holders for information in this collection. Reproduction of any item must contain the complete citation to the original.

Physical Access Note: Ledgers in series 10 were treated for mold on 1 September 2018. Persons with mold sensitivity should use caution.

Technical Access Note: The repository does not have a projector to play the motion-picture film reels in series 4. However, select reels featuring John Dewey are digitized and available upon request.

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Preferred Citation: [Item], John Dewey papers, Special Collections Research Center, Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: Correspondence],
[Series 2: Manuscripts and Lecture Notes],
[Series 3: Financial Records],
[Series 4: Tapes, Films, and Compact Discs],
[Series 5: Published Material],
[Series 6: Memorabilia, Notes, Art, and Personal Effects],
[Series 7: Poetry, John Dewey],
[Series 8: Archivist Notecard Indexes],
[Series 9: Roberta Dewey Materials],
[Series 10: Archibald Sprague Dewey's Shop Ledgers],

Series 7: Poetry, John DeweyAdd to your cart.
Box 62Add to your cart.
Folder 1: "Autumn"Add to your cart.
Folder 2: "The Blossoming Wilderness"Add to your cart.
Folder 3: "Empty as High Heaven's Heartless Shell"Add to your cart.
Folder 4: "Generations of Stifled Worlds Reaching Out"Add to your cart.
Folder 5: "Hope and Memory"Add to your cart.
Folder 6: "I Wake From the Long, Long Night"Add to your cart.
Folder 7: "In Light"Add to your cart.
Folder 8: "Is This The End"Add to your cart.
Folder 9: "My Body and My Soul"Add to your cart.
Folder 10: "Natural Magic"Add to your cart.
Folder 11: "One Night"Add to your cart.
Folder 12: "The Round of Passion"Add to your cart.
Folder 13: "Song"Add to your cart.
Folder 14: "Swinburnian"Add to your cart.
Folder 15: "There Stirred Within Me"Add to your cart.
Folder 16: "Thy Mind"Add to your cart.
Folder 17: "Ties"Add to your cart.
Folder 18: "Thoughts and Two Joys"Add to your cart.
Folder 19: "Two Weeks"Add to your cart.
Folder 20: "The Unending Hours"Add to your cart.
Folder 21: "When Thou Art Gone"Add to your cart.
Folder 22: "Across the White of my Mind's Map"Add to your cart.
Folder 23: "At the Last"Add to your cart.
Folder 24: "The Child's Garden"Add to your cart.
Folder 25: "He Failed. Though He Was Strong"Add to your cart.
Folder 26: "Last Night I Stood Upon the Hill"Add to your cart.
Folder 27: "Little Things"Add to your cart.
Folder 28: "Long Time Lay the World Level and Open"Add to your cart.
Folder 29: "Mine Over Body"Add to your cart.
Folder 30: "My Fever"Add to your cart.
Folder 31: "My Mind is but a Gutt'Ring Candle Dip and Postponement"Add to your cart.
Folder 32: "Absence and My Road"Add to your cart.
Folder 33: "Not Now They Scourging Rod--"Add to your cart.
Folder 34: "Not Wrinkled, Shrivelled, Grey"Add to your cart.
Folder 35: "Pulse in an Earthen Jar"Add to your cart.
Folder 36: "Respite"Add to your cart.
Folder 37: "Romance"Add to your cart.
Folder 38: "That Frail Ship I Load With Limitless Frieght"Add to your cart.
Folder 39: "Tho All The Rhymes Were Long Since Rhymed"Add to your cart.
Folder 40: "To Conscience"Add to your cart.
Folder 41: "To Death"Add to your cart.
Folder 42: "To Us You Came From Out of Dark"Add to your cart.
Folder 43: "Two Births"Add to your cart.
Folder 44: "Creation"Add to your cart.
Folder 45: "Dark Moon and Stars, and Dearer Yet"Add to your cart.
Folder 46: "Earth-Born Dust Rising in the Air"Add to your cart.
Folder 47: "Fair Flowers Grow in my Garden Ground"Add to your cart.
Folder 48: "From my Glance Backward Sent Recedes"Add to your cart.
Folder 49: "In the Country"Add to your cart.
Folder 50: "Indian Summer at the Farm"Add to your cart.
Folder 51: "A Journey; A Fallow Field"Add to your cart.
Folder 52: "Life Blithe in Lusty Action Restless and Rude"Add to your cart.
Folder 53: "Like Fogs From Some Black Cave of Mournful Night"Add to your cart.
Folder 54: "A Moment and a Time"Add to your cart.
Folder 55: "The Mountain's Hour; Time Laid Low"Add to your cart.
Folder 56: "Now Night, Mother Soul, Broods the Weary Hours"Add to your cart.
Folder 57: "Renewal"Add to your cart.
Folder 58: "The Rope is Cut, The Anchor Falls"Add to your cart.
Folder 59: "America"Add to your cart.
Folder 60: "And High God on His Throne"Add to your cart.
Folder 61: "And Shall We Shut The Door"Add to your cart.
Folder 62: "And the Lad Eager Replied: No Sir, Not a God Damned Word"Add to your cart.
Folder 63: "Because the Plan of World is Dim and Blurred"Add to your cart.
Folder 64: "Borrowed"Add to your cart.
Folder 65: "Brave Things"Add to your cart.
Folder 66: "But--"Add to your cart.
Folder 67: "Duplicity"Add to your cart.
Folder 68: "Education"Add to your cart.
Folder 69: "Forgetfulness"Add to your cart.
Folder 70: "Heaven and Ground, Smooth Sky and Shore"Add to your cart.
Folder 71: "Language, Fourth Dimension of the Mind"Add to your cart.
Folder 72: "Life"Add to your cart.
Folder 73: "Long Time the World Lay Level and Open"Add to your cart.
Folder 74: "The March"Add to your cart.
Folder 75: "Meadows of the Dawn are Curtained in Dusk"Add to your cart.
Folder 76: "The New World"Add to your cart.
Folder 77: "Paradise Lost and Regained"Add to your cart.
Folder 78: "A Peripatetic's Prayer"Add to your cart.
Folder 79: "Rough Mountains Once Were Freedom's Home"Add to your cart.
Folder 80: "Sorolla"Add to your cart.
Folder 81: "Tho Some of the Pretty Blushing Ladies Were Shocked"Add to your cart.
Folder 82: "Through Windy Gorges of the Clouds"Add to your cart.
Folder 83: "Truth's Torch"Add to your cart.
Folder 84: "Two Extremes of One Joined Theme--"Add to your cart.
Folder 85: "Unfaith"Add to your cart.
Folder 86: "While World in Twain Allotted United Was"Add to your cart.
Folder 87: "At Night Shining Stars March in File"Add to your cart.
Folder 88: "John Banding Looked and Said:--"Add to your cart.
Folder 89: "Next Spring Earth Will Be All In Green"Add to your cart.
Folder 90: "Children's Poems"Add to your cart.

"This Child's Garden of Verse"

"I Should Think th' Earth Would Be Ashamed"

"Athwart the Shining Gleam"

"Like Formless Fog on Airless Cruise"

"To a Pendant"

Folder 91: "Transcriptions of Dewey's poems by Gerard Deledalle"Add to your cart.
Folder 92: "Typescripts of Dewey's poems, one annotated by Gale Kennedy"Add to your cart.

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[Series 1: Correspondence],
[Series 2: Manuscripts and Lecture Notes],
[Series 3: Financial Records],
[Series 4: Tapes, Films, and Compact Discs],
[Series 5: Published Material],
[Series 6: Memorabilia, Notes, Art, and Personal Effects],
[Series 7: Poetry, John Dewey],
[Series 8: Archivist Notecard Indexes],
[Series 9: Roberta Dewey Materials],
[Series 10: Archibald Sprague Dewey's Shop Ledgers],

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